Mike Messier, A Guy Who Does Stuff

Erica Derrickson, Mike Messier and Carlyne Fournier
Erica Derrickson, Mike Messier and special guest Carlyne Fournier

I recently attended Erica Derrickson‘s Social Media & Networking Workshop at The New England Actors Workshop in Charlestown, MA, all about Social Networking for Career Development. Also in attendance were Entertainers such as the lovely Maria Natapov, the beautiful (but married) Tiffany Crosby and Evan Clinton, who is a man.

All were seemingly impressed with the Workshop, both the presentation and the location. The New England Actors Worskhop is also used for an Acting program run by Richard C. Bailey.

Evan Clinton and Mike Messier
Evan Clinton and Mike Messier wear hats backwards

Erica certainly has a lot of knowledge and is really quite an expert in the battle for self improvement and career visibility. She certainly cares for those in the business – actors, filmmakers and crew. She gets ‘it’ and is a powerful force. Erica also looks great on screen and is always studying hard on her own Acting, while working as a  headshot photographer and a producer. And Rich Bailey is very in-touch, hard worker, and super dedicated as a coach to his students. New England Actors Workshop is in good hands.

I also learned about https://www.presskit.to/, the social media website engineered by Erica’s partner Ben Maitland-Lewis and colleagues. I quickly signed up to press kit for two of his current projects – check out the presskit for Chris and the Coffee Girl, and Disregard The Vampire.

Maria Natapov, Mike Messier & Tiffany Crosby
Maria Natapov, Mike Messier & Tiffany Crosby

Among many lessons from Erica, I learned that blogs and posts with photographs attract WAY more attention! As a token of thanks for all the lessons learned, I gave Erica a copy of my favorite book Zen and the Art of Making a Living by Laurence G. Boldt.

Erica herself receives great inspiration from the book The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. Erica has recommended the book for years…yeah, I should definitely read that!

I feel like I’ve read the book even though I haven’t. The basic principle seems to be; have a generous heart and good things will come to you. Yeah, I’m always trying to learn stuff…

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