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Much of Mike Messier’s work can be enjoyed for free on  Subscribe to Mike Messier YouTube Channel (yes, that’s the name of the channel). Here is Mike’s IMDB page and page

Mike is taking special pride in his writing of books these days such as his coming-of-age sports novel FIGHT OR PLAY BASKETBALL: every shot counts and his gothic horror/ magic realism story A Distance from Avalon: when the dying and the dead reunite.

Art and War of Directing Student, Low & No Budget Movies, Pro Wrestling Trivia, and Bad Girls with Good Tattoos are also available now on Amazon, click on the respective titles above or scroll down for the links.

Having made his own movies since high school, Mike is a 56 Award-winning producer screenwriter, DirectorTV host, and actor, most recently winning Acting Awards from The Alternative Film Festival and Toronto’s Couch Film Festival.

Mike is also an experienced playwrightActing Coach,  Live Event Host,  and guest speaker.

As an Actor, Mike has shared scenes with Meryl Streep  & Elisabeth Shue in Hope Springs, Mario Van Peebles, Wesley Snipes & Cybill Shepherd (as her son) in Hard Luck, and Frances McDormandRichard Jenkins in Olive Kitteridge among others. Recently, Mike has co-starred as Hank in Mr. Birthday starring Eric Roberts, and Delanty in The Mick and The Trick.

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Seduction of Distance wins Mike Messier an Acting Award!

Mike Messier’s Seduction of Distance short film has won the Best Actor Award from Toronto, Canada’s Couch Film Festival in the 1-5 minute film category.

Seduction of Distance is a monologue derived from Mike’s A DISTANCE FROM AVALON when the dying and the dead reunite novel, screenplay, and stageplay. The recently remastered novel version can be purchased in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle. Those with Kindle Unlimited can read it for free! Click the link right here to order or to read a free preview!

FIGHT OR PLAY BASKETBALL: every shot counts


Check out Mike Messier’s new young adult sports novel FIGHT OR PLAY BASKETBALL: every shot counts, based on the Award-Winning screenplay, now available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle!