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Most of Mike Messier’s work can be seen – for free – on Subscribe to Mike Messier YouTube Channel (yes, that’s the name of the channel).

Disregard the Vampire – A Mike Messier Documentary   has won 11 film & photography Awards. Mike has since re-imagined Disregard into an extensive re-write titled A Distance from Avalon, available in  stage-play, screenplay and novella versions (on Amazon’s Kindle and paperback formats).

Art and War of Directing Student, Low & No Budget Movies : a primer for creating and participating in independent films, television & web-series and Fight or Play Basketball are two more book titles by Mike currently availalbe.

Having made his own movies since high school , Mike is a 43 Award-winning  producer screenwriter, DirectorTV host  and Actor , most recently winning an Acting Award from The Alternative Film Festival.  Mike is also an experienced playwrightActing Coach ,  Live Event Host  and guest speaker.  Here is Mike’s IMDB page.

As an Actor, Mike has shared scenes with Meryl Streep  & Elisabeth Shue in Hope Springs , Mario Van Peebles, Wesley Snipes & Cybill Shepherd (as her son) in Hard Luck, Frances McDormandRichard Jenkins in Olive Kitteridge among others.

Early is his Acting career, Mike traveled to LA for an audition for an HBO series produced by Jay Roach (Director of Austin Powers and Meet the Parents)  and R.J. Cutler (Producer of The War Room). That story is chronicled in Re:jected by Reality, a documentary Mike produced about his various experiences in the reality TV trend which eventually received a rave review from Film Threat.

In 2019, Mike hit the road again as an Actor, this time to co-star in Jaime Reborn’s Write it Black.  In 2020 and into 2021, Mike has been providing Life Lessons with Mikey Messier.

Accolades include two screenwriting awards for  Fight or Play Basketball, a coming of age feature film screenplay,  back to back awards for his short films Thanksgiving and Breakfast with Kurt from Nassau Film Festival , and a Regional  Associated Press Award and a Regional Emmy nomination as an Associate Producer on Haiti: Triumph, Sorrow and the Struggle of a People.

In 2016, Mike co-wrote and co-starred in the Lionsgate distributed horror film  The Manor (aka Anders Manor) starring Christina Robinson (Dexter), Kevin Nash (Magic Mike) . In the film,  Mike plays roughneck hunter Ole Bayton with brothers Brett and Darsaw played by Sully Erna (singer of Godsmack) and Pro Wrestler Mike Bennett Kanellis  The film was produced by  Tommy DeNucci of Woodhaven Media and 2 Cousins Productions.

In 2017 and 2018, Mike reconnected with the world of theater with the Boston-based Play in a Day Festival produced by as  a contributing Writer/Director/Host as well as BarStool Stories guerrilla theater out of Boston.

One of Mike’s short plays, Who’s Your Daddy?, was later produced and staged by The Orange Players of CT , from information Mike obtained from Play Submissions Helper , a website Mike now works with and that he recommends to all playwrights, with the promo code MIKE giving new users their first month for only 99 cents.

In collaboration with Tim Labonte of Stand Still Pictures, among many great collaborators, Mike filmed three of these short plays as short films: Dalmatian, The Impeccable, and So, You’re the Guy? . The Impeccable’s Naira Zakaryan won a Best Supporting Actress Award from the Shawna Shea Film Festival and Ashley Shea  won a Best Actress Award from  Alternative Film Festival for the same piece.

Mike’s TV show Messier Mantra features Mike as an interviewer and host for fascinating guests from the worlds of Entertainment, Sports, Environmental concerns and Holistic medicine including Buried screenwriter Christopher Sparling and Shalini Kashyap, Mrs. India New England 2017-18

Messier Peace Theater  – a  behind the scenes look at the creation of a short film titled That Night –  recently won Best Web-Series/New Media Short from Alternative Film Festival and can be found on its own playlist on Mike Messier’s YouTube Channel.   Mike also recent won the Super Short Category, also in the Best Web-Series/New Media division, from the same festival for his Life Lessons learned from Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance

mikemessier.com aims to bring this fine gent’s mind to the masses. So Enjoy and Share at will!

Disregard The Vampire – a Mike Messier Documentary

Disregard the Vampire – A Mike Messier Documentary Preview

Disregard the Vampire – a Mike Messier Documentary is a riveting voyage inside the creative process and the perseverance of  a film crew when it loses its lead Actor to a twist of fate including the Grim Reaper himself. Surprisingly, a dark poet emerges from the shadows to save the day.

The documentary has already been hailed as “a mandatory experience” by Andrew Buckner. Buckner further quips that Disregard “showcases the passion and focus which goes into a project such as this to great effect…Artists of any ilk will assuredly be able to relate to the beauty, and simultaneously unforeseeable destructive forces that often take flight, when engaged in the act of creation…It will especially appeal to the struggling combatant as well as the motion picture admirer within us all…Messier offers brilliant work here.” Read Buckner’s whole  ‘Disregard preview review’  here.

Learn more about “Disregard”  on the project page…

C.O.R.E. A.C.T.I.N.G.

C.O.R.E.  A.C.T.I.N.G. represents the tenets of Character Origin Response Environment Audience Choice Training Instinct Need Greatness. C.O.R.E. is an acting class for all acting skill levels, ages 14 and up. Small group classes and private, one-on-one coaching are also available. C.O.R.E. is the perfect class for any new actor, as well as for experienced actors looking for a fresh start and raw challenge, and an engagement of the senses! In every class, C.O.R.E. values will come to life through study and active participation.

Workshop Founder and Acting Coach Mike Messier has worked both behind, and in front of, the camera, with such talents as Meryl Streep and Elisabeth Shue (in Hope Springs), Wesley Snipes, Mario Van Peebles and Cybill Shepherd (in Hard Luck). Mike has won numerous awards in film and television, including a Regional Associated Press Award, and a Regional Emmy Nomination.

Learn more about the program and get in touch with Mike, today!

Messier Mantra

Messier Mantra is a TV series hosted by award-winning New England filmmaker and acting coach Mike Messier, currently filmed at Seekonk TV 9 in Seekonk, Massachusetts. The show features interviews with New England-based artists, filmmakers, actors and creatives – and their personal mantra!

What’s your mantra?

Here are some recent – and classic – episodes!




Nature of the Flame

Nature of the Flame is a short film in which the student and sage find solace in each other, and a special place in time and space – but is it meant to be? Written and produced by Mike Messier, with Chris Hunter of Collective Thought Media, and with Rhode Island Filmmakers South, Nature of the Flame has recently won Best Cinematography at the My Love Michelle Short Film Festival in San Antonio, Texas. The film has also been accepted into six film festivals, and continues to grow, with its message of self-discovery influenced by the ideals of zen.

Watch the trailer on the Nature of the Flame project page.