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synopsis from the review by Mike Haberfelner:  Sid (Lawrence O’Leary), a veteran professional writer still waiting for his one big (and above all profitable) breakthrough, does some soul-searching for his next big story – and as anybody would,


he likes to see himself as an infallible, god-like creature, projecting all of his shortcomings into his alter ego Ace (Adam Buxbaum), whom he at times sees as his younger self, at times as the son he has never had.


In this parallel world of his, there’s also Blood (Jami Tennille), the cynical woman who represents his past botched up relationships, a woman Sid tries to remove from the train of his thoughts, but not always successfully as Ace seems to be drawn to her at times, repulsed by her at others though,


and there’s Sugar (Stacy Forbes), who’s in a way Sid’s ideal woman, the soulmate type of girlfriend he might have never met in real life … 

Sugar 10

2020 update from Producers Mike Messier and Tim Labonte  We weren’t satisfied. We, meaning myself and my producer/editor/DP collaborator and good friend Tim Labonte, felt that there were a few stones left unturned with our experimental art-house drama Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!

So, we’ve painstakingly – and lovingly – reedited , rebooted and remastered our vision, with previously unreleased footage and effects, for this special direct-to-audience release. We’ve also revamped our website, featuring highlighted scenes of each Actor on their character page and an updated press page. 

We had a great time , digging deep into our humanity, to discover these characters. We hope you find the results of interest as we make more films, individually and collectively. 

Very special thanks goes to photographer Stephanie Maiden Carey for her excellent captures of the cast as seen on this website and Nadine G. Messier for her help with the film poster design.

Thank you very much for your time and interest in this very personal story… and many thanks to the small but unbelievably determined and talented cast, good-natured and hard working crew members John Orlando, “Billy Boom” and our talented HMUAs, and all those that have supported, and continue to support –  this art-house , dramatic feature film!


MIKE MESSIER – Writer/Director/Producer
TIM LABONTE – Cinematographer/Editor/Producer

Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace! is a feature length, psychological drama.  The story follows SID! – a creator of words, films and visual art.  Sid reflects upon his life’s journey, painfully processing the mistakes he’s made and the potential he has not fulfilled with work and women.


To quantify his pain, Sid creates ACE! –a younger version of himself – and thus Ace is born unto this world of memories and frustration, who seeks to break free from Sid’s path into his own identity.


Ace’s main conflict is with BLOOD! – a manifestation of all the broken-doll females that have lead to Sid’s downfall.


From the debris of Ace’s ashes, rises SUGAR! – the empathetic spirit that is the light at the end of Sid/Ace’s dark tunnel. There is something about Ace that is more than meets the eye.

Sugar 12

You must see the film with an open heart and an open mind to truly experience the phenomena that is and will be Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!

Blood, Sugar, and Sid

Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace! film review By Andrew Buckner
Rating: out of .

Exert: “Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!, the exuberantly experimental seventy-three minute debut feature from director Mike Messier, is a riveting example of cinema as an extension of the stage. It is also an exceptional exhibition of the power of minimalism on-screen.”

Full Review published on A Word of Dreams


Exert: “…writer/director Mike Messier and camera operator/editor Tim Labonte keep the pacing quick and the lens moving. They spin us from one conversation to the next with ease, hitting chords that are vulgar, brooding, honest and heartfelt along the way.”

Full Article by Court Fisk

An Interview with Mike Messier, Director of Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!by Mike Haberfelner

Your new film Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace! – in a few words, what is it about?

Sid! is a man who reflects on the mistakes he’s made with career and women. He creates an alter ego – Ace! – a younger version of himself, to retrace his own footsteps, to relive the journey that has been his life. There’s quite a bit of pain in that journey for Ace!, much of which from his relationship with Blood! – a dysfunctional broken doll of a lady, terribly sexy, a siren who represents three women (Catherine, Charlotte and Lisa) from Sid’s life. And then there’s Sugar! who represents the positive, the light of day, a sweet soul mate that many of us wish we have but never find.

Full Interview with Mike Messier by Mike Haberfelner

Stacey Forbes as Sugar!


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JOHN HOPKINS FILM FESTIVAL (Baltimore, MD) – Maurice and Rita Messier

ROOFTOP FILMS  *Underground Films Outdoors* (New York City) – Rosemary Pacheco

DANCES WITH FILMS (CA) “Friend of the Cast”


Our Provincetown  Entry Sponsor Don Klein
Don Klein
Our Provincetown Film Festival Entry Sponsor

Connecticut resident Don Klein is a cool cat with a sharp wit and a great sense of humor.  Don has been a great friend to Mike Messier and Tony Demings (owner of The Brooklyn Coffee and Tea House) over the last four years, supporting our events and film screenings such as Children of the Asylum, Tony Deming’s life story. Don was introduced to us through our mutual Pro Wrestler buddy Ox Baker.  Don has been confused with wrestling legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Ho!, tough guy), but in any event, we’re happy to have the one and only Don as our friend… if you happen to see him on his sweet ride on the open road, tell him we said “Thanks, Don!”

Rosemary Pacheco Our Rooftop Films   Entry Sponsor
Rosemary Pacheco
Our Rooftop Films
Entry Sponsor

Born and raised in RI, Rosemary Pacheco is an actor, film news editor and a business owner. Upon returning to RI from Chicago, she thought her acting interests were fleeting until she found out about the very busy indie film scene here in New England. With one film in post, another in production and a film of her own in the works, it’s always a new adventure for her. She is also a committee member of the Rhode Island Film Collaborative, partly responsible for choosing scripts and cast/crew for this year’s short film production. Ever the net worker, she likes to help others as well get where they like to go, and 2013 promises to be a banner year!


Mary Paolino
Our MA Indie
Film Festival
Entry Sponsor

Mary Paolino is a RI-based actor who can be seen in principal roles in MOTHERLOVE, COST OF THE LIVING, and THE MAILBOX FAIRY. She had lead roles in the 48 Hour Film Project’s FRANKENSTEIN IN A WOMEN’S PRISON and DON’T ASK ALICE. She plays Sharon in the web series WORLD’S WORST DIRECTOR and Miriam in the L.A. WebFest award-winner RED CIRCLES. She was seen on Showtime’s BROTHERHOOD, and has studied with Actor’s Studio founding member Carlton Collyer, NEA Directing Fellow Wendy Chapin, actor/director/playwright Ricardo Pitts-Wiley, and none other than Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!’s Mike Messier. She is proud to be a “mature character actor”.

BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Vancouver, Canada) – Nadine G. Messier of tikiwahine.com

Nadine G. Messier is the designer of our official movie poster. Nadine is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, an Elvis Presley fan, and a supporter of Beatles cover bands. She currently lives in Venice, California after a previous residence in Brooklyn Heights, New York. 

Her company tikiwahine specializes in:
• promotional design
• marketing collateral
• sales material
• packaging design
• illustration & photography

Please visit tikiwahine.com to contact Nadine G. Messier for your graphic design needs.



Basler Chiropratic East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Basler Chiropractic
694 Main Street
East Greenwich, RI 02818
  • Phone: 401-885-0260
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Dr. Steven Basler is a chiropractor serving East Greenwich and the surrounding communities. Our chiropractor and the rest of the friendly team at Basler Chiropractic are dedicated to chiropractic solutions to target your unique needs, whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, or even just plain old muscular tightness and tension. You may need pain relief after suffering an accident, experiencing an injury, or if you have a specific condition such as chronic back pain or a spinal condition; even if you just want to improve your overall health, Dr. Basler can help you achieve your wellness goals!

We thank Basler Chiropractic for their great support as Mike Messier’s personal chiropractor and our RIIFF Festival Sponsor.

OFF CAMERA PLUS FILM FESTIVAL SPONSOR (Poland) – George and Carlotta Kelley

Greenville, Rhode Island residents George Carlotta Kelley are life long friends of Phyllis Messier. The Kelleys quickly decided to Sponsor our OFF CAMERA PLUS entry after witnessing a preview of Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!


Amanda Bard is a personal friend of co-producer Tim Labonte and a strong supporter of the arts. Amanda enjoys the music of Amanda Palmer, the poetry of ee cummings and vacations in Aruba with her close-knit family.

Amanda Bard
Our Pennine Film Festival
Entry Sponsor


Gerry and Celeste Labonte of Millville, Massachusetts are the proud parents of two sons, Tim and Jeremy, and one daughter, Alicia. The Labonte family has a rich heritage in the arts as Celeste works as a music teacher at Rhode Island College and Barrington High School while Gerry is an award winning accordion player. Gerry also works in pharmaceuticals. Since 2003, the Labonte compound has been the central location of Tim’s editing for Man and a Camera Films and Stand Still Pictures. The Labontes support is greatly cherished by both Mike Messier and Tim Labonte.

Celeste and Gerry Labonte
Our Boston Underground
Entry Sponsors

Celeste Labonte is an avid supporter of entertainer Donny Osmond.


Tim Labonte
Our SENE Entry Sponsor

 Tim Labonte  is an award winning Filmmaker and the Co-Producer /Cinematographer/Editor of Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace! Tim resides in Millville, MA and is a highly active member of the community.  Tim’s comedic forays in Don’t Laugh comedy shorts (with partner Ari Rosenberg) are edgy and timely parodies of pop-culture sensibilities. Tim’s projects have earned a Davey Award,  a New England Associated Press Award, a regional Emmy nomination (for a documentary about Haiti), a PEG Editing Award, and three awards for Wrestling With Sanity Short Film Trilogy. Tim has also contributed to several productions by award winning Filmmaker Christian De Rezendes.  Tim’s influences include Wes Anderson, Don Bluth and Charles Nelson Reilly. Tim continues to amaze his collaborators with his work ethic, attention to detail and artistic insight. Please visit  Stand Still Pictures


Phyllis Messier is a University of Rhode Island graduate, a former English teacher, and the mother of two children Nadine and Michael Clark Messier. Phyllis grew up in Woonsocket, Rhode Island and currently resides in the Ocean State. Phyllis instilled a love of cinema in her son, bringing him to such films as Rocky IV, Flash Gordon and several reprises of Star Wars. Phyllis also encouraged Michael’s passion for Professional Wrestling,  bringing him to matches at such exotic locations as The Rocky Hill State Fair in Exter, RI, The Providence Civic Center, The Capital Center and The Baltimore Arena. Phyllis further infused Michael’s eclectic nature with such diverse events as a Rodeo, several Ice Capades performances, a Monster Truck show, a live Maury Povich Show taping, and a Washington Redskins SuperBowl Victory Parade. Over the years, Phyllis has invested two video cameras into her son’s work that he has used to make films, including a SONY VX-2000 that filmed the award winning Wrestling With Sanity Short Film Trilogy. Some of Phyllis’s favorite entertainers include Barbara Streisand, Cher, and Frank Sinatra.


Actor. Musician. Martial Artist. Magician. Renaissance Man.” Lawrence O’ Leary, as Sid, a fierce and damaged tyrant, delivers a performance worthy of comparisons to Sir Anthony Hopkins”, according to writer/director Mike Messier. Lawrence, a life long entertainer, put his full focus into his embodiment of Sid, citing the work ethic of Tom Hanks (in films such as Forest Gump and CastAway) and Hopkins (in A Silence of The Lambs) as inspirations.

Please check out Larry’s acting talents in this video

Lawrence O’ Leary
Our Tribeca Entry Sponsor

SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL SPONSOR – Rhodywood/Brooklyn Coffee and Tea House/  Tony Demings. 

Tony Demings is a long time friend and adviser to filmmaker Mike Messier. Tony is the founder and original owner Brooklyn Coffee and Tea House, located in Providence, RI (not NYC) . Tony has since moved with his “Rhodywood” live event hosting business to a new location in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Both venues are great rental venues for filmmakers/musicians/actors and all types of artists  of all types.  

Rhodywood is Tony’s trademark website and organization that lends itself to both the New England and North Carolina arts world and the arts WORLDWIDE.

Rhodywood website

Tony Demings at Brooklyn Coffee and Tea House
Tony Demings at “The Brooklyn”

We thank our Sponsor A Film Festival Entry friends  and “extended family”! – MIKE

Jami Tennille  as Blood! 


“Unstoppable.” – Mike Messier Writer/Director

Stacey Forbes as Sugar!

Stacey Forbes as Sugar

“The eyes are the window to the soul.  Ms. Forbes’ eyes see the vast meadows of good that awaits us on the other side of the ocean.” – Mike Messier Writer/Director

For a special interview with “Stacey Sugar”, click here:

Stacey Forbes interview

Lawrence O’ Leary as Sid!

Lawrence O' Learyas Sid

“O’Leary’s Sid! is a damaged tyrant, worthy of both pity and disdain, in a performance worthy of Hopkins”. – Writer/Director Mike Messier

For more about Lawrence R. O’Leary’s original art paintings, click on his website here

Lawrence R. O’ Leary Jr.’s fine art website

Adam Buxbaum as Ace!

“A pure inhabitation of character by a driven, hungry Actor whose talent is leveled by hard earned humanity and patience.” – Mike Messier Writer/Director