In Memory of Big Daddy V

“Love it” was Big Daddy V’s response to the Chris and the Coffee Girl screenplay I wrote over a year ago. V was scheduled to play Felix – a Men’s Fashion Store Salesman in my upcoming comedic love tale. Unfortunately, we are very said to report of Big Daddy V’s sudden passing.

This is a hard lesson. V was a great guy. He was very patient with the process, and I looked forward to sharing a scene and some laughs with him. The best we can do now is remember V as a great wrestler with a big heart. Certainly, I look forward to sharing those laughs in the next life. I know he’ll be there.

There was a small window of opportunity to film the scene with V before we had full funding for the movie. It was a close call, but ultimately we decided it would be better to wait until we had our full resources. Now, it’s easy to second guess that decision. You really never know what’s going to happen. Seize the day. Learn from mistakes. I really wish we would have filmed that scene, just to have that fun moment with V would have been worth it.

Mike and members of The Ministry (Big Daddy V far right)
Mike Messier, The Ministry with Big Daddy V

I share these thoughts because I’d like other filmmakers, artists and all people to realize that life is fragile and we never know when that partner, that friend, that collaboration, is going to run out of time. We have to do the best with the time we have and make things work quickly. I feel bad. I really wish it would have come together.

We’ll still move forward with the production of Chris and the Coffee Girl, working in memory of Big Daddy V.

Big Daddy V (aka Viscera, Nelson Frazier Jr.) was a prominent Professional Wrestler for two decades. He was inducted into the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame shortly before his passing.



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