Warrior Inspiration

Always Believe

When it’s important to believe.

When others don’t, it’s important to believe.
When others can’t, when others deny, when others cry,
it’s important to believe.

When others show weakness and fear and doubt
leave you in a desperate state of clouds,
it’s important to be the sunshine, it’s important to believe.

It’s always, always important to believe.

Always believe.


– Mike Messier

UPDATE: Mike recenlty hosted fellow Pro Wrestling afficianado GONZO in a lively discussion of what WARRIOR meant to them. 

I want to honor the life of The Ultimate Warrior, and Warrior’s family and friends, at this time of mourning and transition. This video is titled IT DOES MATTER TWO. Take 6 minutes to watch this.

I believe it will resonate with you.

See below, a segment of a video from his former Warrior University.

This final video is titled “It Does Matter Do the WORK of YOUR LIFE”

Thanks to Warrior and Warrior University for consenting to allow me to use these videos in Mike’s School of Progress.

Mike Messier met The Ultimate Warrior on October 5th at BIG TIME WRESTLING in Boston Big Time Wrestling link.

Thanks to Big Time Wrestling for the opportunity to meet The Ultimate Warrior



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