Stress, Shtick and Collaboration

I’m making a movie, yeah! Bring on the stress. Stress, and how you deal with it, is a major shtick for a movie maker. Well, at least for me, anyway. Let’s not call it an “issue” or a “concern”, or even a “topic”. It’s a shtick. All of this movie-making is a shtick.

Movie Making is a collaborative effort. It’s easy to forget that, and ego, is easy to buy into. You do it all yourself – or more to the point, thinking you can do it all yourself. Nope, you’ll need people. Lots of people sacrificing their time to help you make our movie. That’s the way it should be, and that’s the way successful productions are made.

Try using the term “our movie” instead of “my movie”. This way, your unpaid associates feel that it’s their movie too.

Honor your collaborators. They’re not your employees unless you’re paying them, and even then you aren’t Mr. Slate and they’re not Fred Flintstone. (Wilma!) These good people are your collaborators; treat them with respect. With honor. Yes, your Actors are working, too, even if they appear to be having fun. Maybe they’re acting like they’re having fun, just to make you feel better.

Make this movie. No excuses. Do it.

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