The Mortified


Watch Michael J. Zammito‘s new, short film The Mortified (2012)! I play character James – The Mortician. It’s definitely an intense, dark piece…


The Mortified is a story of a Dark Boy and a Mortician who are both plagued by their traumatic histories. The Dark Boy has an intense hatred for Scott, a student in town who recently was killed in a tragic accident. During a random meeting, the Dark Boy feigns interest in the work of the local mortician, James, to persuade him to bring him to his embalming room, where Scott’s body no doubt lies.


The Dark Boy wants to see the boy who spread rumors about his sexuality, the boy who brought constant ridicule upon him. James begrudgingly brings the Dark Boy to the mortuary, but realizes very quickly that he has made a grave mistake. The rage of the Dark Boy is unleashed as he stabs Scott’s body over and over with an embalming wand. Attempting to stop him, James pushes him back, but much too strongly. The Dark Boy lay dead on the floor. The Mortician then drives to a Priest’s home to confirm his destiny, that he is damned to Hell for his actions. He has broken the commandment. “Thou Shalt not Kill. While speaking with the Priest, James, like the Dark Boy, experiences his own rage at the past.


The Priest molested James as a child. James attacks the Priest for his unspeakable crimes against him, until he is standing over yet another dead body. He feels that, if he is going to Hell, he’ll take the man who stole his childhood with him…


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