Mike Messier Show Wins PEG Awards

The Mike Messier Show has just won two awards, ‘Best Series’ and ‘Best Editing’ in the Rhode Island PEG Awards!

The PEG Awards recognize those who strive for excellence with content for Public, Education and Government programming throughout Rhode Island. Thanks to our great editor Tim Labonte for making the show great, and winning that award for us!

Earlier this year, we aired pilots for a major network request – but were, sadly, rejected. Well, what came of it was a qualification for the Rhode Island PEG Awards!

We thought, ‘Why not?’ – and here we are! Nominated in three categories, we took home Best Editing and Best Series. Huzzah! The ceremony was held at Hasbro Interactive in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and was quite a fun night with the other local celebs 😉

Watch our pilot episode on Vimeo for a taste of the show, with more greatness to come!


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