The Alternative Film Festival honors Disregard with Best Cast award

Thanks to The Alternative Film Festival  for honoring Disregard, directed by Mike Messier, with its Best Cast, Short Category award in its Spring 2023 edition.

Schoolteacher Joe (Jose Guns Alves)

finds himself on a Halloween night date with co-worker Ginger (Anna Rizzo)

at a castle owned by mistress Valentine (Geena Matuson)

and master Edgar (Scorpio).

And chaos ensues.

During various 2022 sessions across two states, Messier and frequent collaborator Tim Labonte of Stand Still Pictures salvaged the remnants of the footage first explored in Disregard the Vampire – A Mike Messier Documentary. They teamed with composer Tony Caramadre of Phattones Studios for this re-imagined vision which aims to honor the efforts put forth by the cast and crew, albeit in a new narrative presentation than what was originally intended (watch the aforementioned documentary for the full story).

The fifteen-minute short titled Disregard has yet to be released to the general public, as it has just recently been sent to film festivals in consideration for the 2023-24 seasons. A private screening for members of the press and interested parties can be obtained by emailing or using the “contact” page on this website.

More information about Disregard’s previous eight awards can be found here: Singapore International Short Film Festival honors “Disregard” with Best Silent Short Film Award, Mike Messier’s Disregard wins 5 Awards from Havelock International Film Festival, Disregard wins Best Short Surreal from Cult Movies International Film Festival, and Mike Messier’s “Disregard” wins Award from Makizhmithran International Film Festival.

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