Mike Messier’s “Disregard” wins Award from Makizhmithran International Film Festival

Thanks to Makizhmithran International Film Festival  for honoring Disregard, a short silent film with music by Tony Caramadre of Phattones Studios, with a Special Jury Award for Best Silent Short Film.

Director Mike Messier and editor Tim Labonte salvaged the remnants of the footage first explored in Disregard the Vampire – A Mike Messier Documentary. They teamed with composer Caramadre for this re-imagined vision which aims to honor the efforts put forth by the cast and crew, albeit in a new narrative presentation than what was originally intended.

This marks the seventh overall award for Disregard. The previous awards can be read about here: Mike Messier’s Disregard wins 5 Awards from Havelock International Film Festival and here: Disregard wins Best Short Surreal from Cult Movies International Film Festival.

The fifteen-minute short has yet to be released to the general public, as it has just recently been sent to film festivals in consideration for the 2023-24 seasons. A private screening for members of the press and interested parties can be obtained by emailing mikemessiermoviemaker@gmail.com or using the “contact” page on this website.

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