Ricardo Montez – A Celebration of Life

Some time ago, I found myself inside a Paris-themed bistro on the outskirts of Savanannah, a city some might refer to as the Portland of the south. The bistro, although pleasant, had less employees and more customers than ideal. As such, I found myself sharing a table with a unique gentleman. Altough some might see him as elderly, a more accurate description would be ageless. In fact, in addition to ageless, the gentleman, also had an essence of being timeless.

So, timeless, in fact, that at no point during our conversation, did the man surface a cell phone, smart phone, laptop, or any other modern device of distraction or convenience. As such, I felt the need to match his attention and therefore left all of my own gadgets unattended for the next several hours.

The man spoke of many things, travels to places near and mostly far. People, places and things he had done in what seemed to be a most fulfilling life. Oddly, I felt his storytelling had little to no sense of braggadocio, rather a certain warmness, as if he was passing on some insights and secrets into how our big world works, that I might find to be useful at some point.

Most interestingly, we exchanged laughs and tears, as if old friends, yet again, this was our first ever conversation. Eventually, the crowded bistro became less so, until only the man, myself, and a singular attendant remained in the building.

I excused myself to go to the men’s room, and when I came back, I was surprised to see that my new friend was gone. The attendant then appeared and asked me if I was done with my evening and if it would be allright for her to close up the shop. Most certainly, I acquiesced. I inquired if she had seen the gentleman leave and which way he appeared to go. Did he leave any parting words?

A simple shrug and smile from the young lady informed me of her lack of knowledge. She then asked me, “Who exactly are you talking about? You’ve been here for hours by yourself.”


Seven years later, I recieved an unmarked envelope. Opening it, I found an invitation to Ricardo Montez – A Celebration of Life.

I scratched my head in wonderment.

Could the man I met in Georgia be this same Mr. Montez?

Out of respect to the refined behavior from our singular meeting, I chose not to “google” or otherwise hunt down Mr. Montez with technology.

Rather I decided to attend this event.


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