Mike Messier co-stars as Dick Whitman, Jr. in Jaime Reborn’s Write it Black


Mike Messier is happy to share some photos and a rare, never-before-released video from his adventures in Dallas/Ft.Worth , Texas from the set and behind the scenes of WRITE IT BLACK, a feature film by Jaime Reborn. The story is about a Network TV station which puts on a facade of “celebrating diversity” in its programming, when in fact, the power struggles between management and the writers room threaten the very future of the network. Mike plays “Dick Whitman, Jr.” the entitled, brash, arrogant son of the owner of the company. Here’s a just released “working trailer” for the film:


Stars of the film include two former Olympic athletes Jaime Nieto Oly and Shevon Nieto  (who have since gone on to be featured on America’s Got Talent with Shevon’s Through the Good and The Bad ), “Queen” Sharmell Sullivan- Huffman, well known to Pro Wrestling fans,  stand up comedians  Adam Richmond  and Dean Edwards  and more! Check out the entire talented Write It Black cast by clicking on these words or the hyperlinks in orange/red above indicating each respective cast member’s name!

Write It Black - Large Poster - Best Version

black8 (1)

The film had principle photography in October, 2019 with a highly talented, diverse and fun cast and crew working long (but not too long!) days in an office building on-site location as writer/producer/director/Actor Jaime Reborn kept it all together and moving forward, despite the challenge of heavy storms in the USA that affected the travel plans of many involved. THE SHOW MUST GO ON!, indeed!


For updates on the film – and to help the film’s IMDB rating – click on the Write It Black IMDB page here!  Director Jamie Reborn and Mike have kept in touch since the shoot, with expected further collaborations down the road.

Until then, let’s rejoice in this photographic essay! Most of the photos are by cast member Alice Wren, who plays “Pat”. A few of the “selfie” pics are by Mike himself and a few more are courtesy of cast member Mary LeGalt.  

Alice Wren and Dean Edwards on Write it Black
Alice Wren (left) and Dean Edwards star in Write it Black

Mike added the captions to all these photos As a special bonus, here’s a Behind-the-Scenes video Mike filmed the night he arrived in Texas, that’s part of  Mike’s revamped YouTube Channel!





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