Mike’s Four Arches Farm Airbnb adventure!

Mike  Messier of mikemessier.com  recently used the Airbnb travel app to discover Four Arches Farm in Pembroke, Georgia, USA where he met a variety of friendly folks. “While cats Precious and Velcro were the most accommodating, and Rosie Alpaca the most personable,  Llama Caroline was definitely in charge! “, reports Mike.

Of course, the farms owners Pat and Steve were also great Airbnb hosts who shared many insights into their fun and enchanting home, including that Llama Caroline is the “protector animal” to all her friends.

Mike reports,  “All the animals on Four Arches farm get along together great; from the chickens to the dogs, from the cats to the alpacas and the llama. This is definitely one of the most unique Airbnb locations I’ve been to over the years which is a good thing! These Airbnb adventures gives one a chance to see the world through different perspectives beyond the typical hotel or motel stay”.




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Here’s more videos and photos from Mike’s stay at Four Arches!

image0 (1)image5 (1)image4 (1)






Post script: After Mike’s stay on the Four Arches four in Georgia, his next stop was a bit more conventional experience at an Airbnb stay in North Carolina, where Mike met the equally friendly Jax the dog.


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