Alternative Film Festival Spring 2021 Edition names Messier Peace Theater presents That Night as Best Web/New Media Award Winner!

Alternative Film Festival Spring 2021 Edition names Messier Peace Theater presents That Night as Best Web/New Media Award Winner!

Also thanks to ALTERNATIVE FILM FESTIVAL Summer 2021 for naming our Messier Peace Theater presents THAT NIGHT Promotional Photo as a Semi-Finalist! Check here or ALTFF Website for the final results as they are announced!


Messier Peace Theater  takes you behind the scenes and into the creative process with Writer/Director Mike Messier and a talented team of cast and crew (lead by Cody Peixoto and Kevin Vidinha) at TV 9 Seekonk as they head towards the filming of a dramatic short film titled  THAT NIGHT, about three former college friends who reunite to settle some unfinished business. Here is a SNEAK PREVIEW of Episode # 6 – THAT NIGHT.


Messier Peace Theater # 4 – The Table Read Watch Mike and The Actors dissect the script and come to creative compromises to effect the direction of the short film shoot! How will Mike handle the suggestions? Find out on this episode!

Messier Peace Theater # 5 – Blocking Mike directs the Actors in experimentation with their blocking for the upcoming short film “That Night”.

Messier Peace Theater Episodes # 1 – 3 are one-on-one “character workshops” with each member of the cast. Messier Peace Theater # 1-  Marybeth Paul features one of our leads who plays Dr. Ellen Council in That Night. Marybeth and Mike discuss what lead them to work together and her other experiences, including professional swimsuit modeling and fitness based competitions.

Messier Peace Theater # 2 – Kathy LaShay Berenson, who plays Dr. Ellen’s “unexpected company” of Carol Walters, is our  guest! Kathy shares her prior collaboration with Mike titled  Pat & Matrice  and her riveting audition tape that secured her the role as Carol!

Messier Peace Theater # 3 BRADLEY RHODES, who plays Frank, the man in the middle in That Night, is next in our  hot-seat. Bradley and Mike discuss their previous work together and Brad shares  his previous film work as well as his audition tape for Frank. At the end of this episode, Mike shares his vision for the rest of the series!


This 6 part series aims to “deconstruct” the creative process. There is obviously more than one way of approaching a short film shoot, or any film shoot, for that matter. Some productions come to completion just fine with a “know your lines and show up on time” type of minimal Director-Actor interaction. However, at times, this approach can lead to “vague” performances and a horrible end result of “flat acting” . This seems to be a disservice of the time and effort put into production.

As both an experienced stage and film Writer and Actor, Mike Messier has found it odd  indeed, that in the theater world, where Actors may have anywhere between one to hundreds of performances of the same show to hone their characters, so much time, effort and concentration are put into rehearsals  yet in many productions in the film world, where the end product is meant to be “forever”,  too often, very little time is put into rehearsals.

mptladiesMike wondered, can a common ground be found between the theatrical approach of “never enough rehearsals!”, and the indie Do-It-Yourself filmmaking mantra of “get it done cheap and quick”? Could these two mindsets be morphed – even metaphorically married, and somehow produce a successful offspring?

Coming from his own experiences as both an Actor and an as  Acting Coach Online  and learning from Acting Coach legends like  Barry Primus  and Larry Moss, Mike tries to achieve beyond the “status quo” of what is expected. Indeed, unlike some of his “contemporaries”, Mike actually likes to get to know his cast on a personal basis and get their feedback on the script before filming begins. This collaborative approach may take more time, but Mike seems to think the extra effort is worth it  as his 28 film & television Awards  may attest to.

Looking for a new avenue of expression and perhaps to inspire others to take on a more serious approach to their own works,  Mike decided to open up the doors – and cameras – into his own creative process as a Writer/Director for this most unique hybrid series – Messier Peace Theater.

mptregretfbThe six part series consists of interviews, rehearsals and the eventual finished product, featuring an original score composed by Tony Caramadre of  Phattones Studio. Putting himself and his brave cast and crew “out there” for praise and/or criticism, Mike and the small but dedicated cast and crew hope you enjoy the series and stick with it as each episode is shared with the world.

Mike hopes that the Messier Peace Theater will continue in future seasons, and anyone looking to help produce Messier Peace Theater Season # 2  in 2020 out of Northern Florida, USA please email, with the subject heading “MPT2”.

Actress Marybeth Paul and Writer/Director Mike Messier

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(from left: Marybeth Paul, Kathy LaShay Berenson, Production Team of Kevin Vidinha & Cody Peixoto , Bradley Rhodes, Assistant Director & Set Photographer Rita Roy, & series creator Mike Messier)





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