Film ‘Wrestling with Sanity’ Seeks Funding

Raven, wearing our Wrestling with Sanity T-Shirt

In 2009, I created a short film trilogy ‘Wrestling with Sanity,’ a comedy is based on scenes from Messier’s feature-length screenplay of the same title. The film features Pro Wrestlers and friends; Raven here wears a ‘Wrestling with Sanity’ T-shirt to show support!

So far, the film Wrestling with Sanity: Short Film Trilogy has won three film awards: Imagine News Audience Choice, Ruff Cutz Audience Choice, and Image Gazer Best Drama. The film presents two male friends, Cannon Head (Mauro Canepa) and Eddie Pause (Mark Carter), who are clients of the same “confrontational” therapist, Elizabeth Metzger (Irina Peligrad).

Now, I seek full funding for a feature film version of this project. Below, watch a one-minute trailer, followed by a brief interview about this feature film project; a psychological drama scheduled to star Pro Wrestler Raven. The trailer comes from three, award winning short films that promote the feature screenplay. I discuss the project’s inspiration, development and need for further funding.

You can also watch the short film trilogy, also available on Vimeo.

Contact me via email at with any interest and inquiries.


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