Wrestling Son: Memories of My Parents’ Divorce

Wrestling Son is a hard hitting and wild movie about a young boy named Little Jack who documents the turbulent relationship between his parents, Pro Wrestlers played by “Eliminator” John Kronus and Cassy Strayter. 

It took nearly two years from filming in Watertown, Massachusetts, until the final cut was released.  This 43 minute movie was made before the rise of on-line screenings so the film has never really been seen by a large audience despite Pro Wrestlers like Kronus, Strayter, the legendary Killer Kowalksi and others appearing on-screen.

Mike says, “This film is really a window into time into the Pro Wrestling world when two major Wrestling promotions in the United States, WCW and ECW, had just gone out of business, and the industry was in a severe lull, both creatively and in general fan interest. Yet, here we were, fans and Wrestlers alike, having a show. Pro Wrestling may never die altogether”.

Unfortunately, several of the film’s stars, including John Kronus, have passed away in the years since Wrestling Son was filmed. “John was a really great guy in the short time I knew him”, says Mike, “because John and Cassy approved of this project, we were able to film it.”

Below is Wrestling Son and additional interviews with Director Mike and Editor Chip Van Dyke. 

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