The Impeccable

Final Poster 11x17 (1)
Word is hush, hush about the scintillating content of The Impeccable, but silenced voices are rumored to be claiming it to scandalous by nature and sinful in its delights…

Join The Impeccable Film Festival Fun 

An Aunt. A Niece. A Rogue. 

On Cinco De Mayo, we shot this little dandy right between the eyes. And now, it is ready to be launched to the world! We’d love to share The Impeccable with as many people as possible, and Film Festivals are a great first step. But, damn it, there are those pesky film festival entry fees… So, we are calling upon you, are brethren… and sistren…

Therefore, if you’d like to support your friends behind the creation of The Impeccable, please consider our “Sponsor an Impeccable Film Festival Program”, in which you lend your support (what in some circles is so rudely referred to as ‘money’… oh,  so crass!) towards the entry fees into top Film Festivals for our film and we kindly thank you (and/or your business) right here with a little, old fashioned “shot out”.

Any donation amount is accepted (to note: the average short film entry fee is about $40.00, of course, any amount that is more than generous and greatly appreciated!)

You can paypal any amount you see fit in that amount to ” ”  as a friend/family member with the notation “Impeccable” (or something of that ilk) and we will put the funds to festival entries and, if requested, send you the FilmFreeway  confirmation email as proof of your much appreciated support in our project as well as a  a sneak peak preview link of the already finished 23 minute film for your private enjoyment! 

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen..  we are NOT asking you to give us your hard earned money to support our Art that may (or may not) ever get finished… we’ve ALREADY finished the bloody thing, so now we are asking for your help to MARKET the film to the established film festival world!

Writer/Director/Producer Mike Messier  has plenty of experience in this film festival world, having won some 25 film and TV awards over the years, and running his own Avalonia Festival  –  a FilmFreeway Top 100 Best Rated Festival among filmmakers.

We will list your name and/or business name (with your website hyperlinked if you like, (unless you wish to remain anonymous)  and the Festival (s) associated with your generous sponsorship gift right here…

THE IMPECCABLES                                                      FESTIVAL (S) SPONSORED

Kim Kayling                                                                     SENE Film Festival

Mike Messier                                                                   Breakout Shorts

Tim Labonte                                                                   Shawna Shea Spring Shorts Film Fest

Oh wait, what’s this ?! Breaking news!

The Impeccable Film Poster (not the film itself, but the wonderful film poster you see above) , featuring the exquisite photographs of our cast by David West and designed by Mr. Labonte, has just been named as a semi-finalist in the  Toronto’s Alternative Film Festival

Seems like we are off to a good start, friends!


The Impeccable 


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