I’ve had some ups and downs as a filmmaker and a person in general. Highs and lows, ups and downs, disappointments and victories, valleys and mountains, name your cliche. Collaborators emerge from unusual places and sometimes relationships are strained by reasons that seem important at the time but are usually not as big a deal as they really are.

Sometimes, it’s hard to stay the path as an artist, as it is as anyone in any profession who takes themselves and their work seriously.

After much self-evaluation and action plans, I realize it’s just as important to move forward while also “working backwards” to help some of the projects myself and a great deal of others have put a lot of time and work into.

Call it a time of spiritual cleansing or a time for me to clean up my own backyard. Therefore, recently I have sparked a few projects with some great help from collaborators and support from good friends, family and well wishers. is the best piece to find these updates.

Disregard the Vampire is one such project that is receiving the attention it deserves to honor the hard work, unbelievable amounts of courage and precious time that many of the aforementioned put into the piece.

It was intended originally as a narrative and has since morphed into a documentary about (very) independent film-making and the never say die attitude of those behind it.

I’m sure this piece will have some scratch their heads, while others will have their hearts warmed and their spirits aglow.

I’d rather be a lighting rod than a passing rainfall.

Any interest and help in my other and future projects are more than welcome from producers, Actors and potential crew members.

– Mike Messier


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