Distance from Avalon…

Distance from Avalon may be Mike’s greatest challenge to date. With production support from Creusa Michelazzo, James Russell DeMello, Muffin Young as well as additional support from Shoshana Feinstein, Chris Hunter, Mary DeBerry, Nadine Messier, Chris Boylston,  and many others, Mike looks to make a powerful feature film statement.

Interested producers, please contact us through mikemessiershow@gmail.com

The Hand of Distance (all photos by James Russell DeMello. HMUA Katie Ciampa)

Glowing eyes see the world in distinct colors: Green- the Color of Peace. Yellow – the Color of Fear. Black – the Color of Death. Purple – the Color of Mad Royalty.

Soft lips touch words on tongues and kisses devour emotion and souls.
Let me take you to a place called Avalon. Then let me take you away from it.
Distance from Avalon is about the search for justice and self-understanding from the point of view of an average Joe with a chip on his shoulder, a man who suffers through past life regressions on his way to the core of all evil and the fall of man in the form of Distance. Distance from God. Distance from nature. Distance from Purity.

Distance from Avalon.

–  a new twist on the classic tale of man’s search for himself in a far away land, a land where Love is the only distance between good and evil.

Anna Rizzo as Heartbreak
Anna Rizzo as Heartbreak
Jose Gonsalves as Joe
Jose Gonsalves as Joe

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