M- Life: Living in the past, present, future and eternal simultaneously – and other theories


Mike Messier (right) December, 2014.
December 2014: Mike Messier (right) with Acting Coach Howard Fine.
Mike Messier (left) February 2015 with film producer David Gere, Cromwell, CT
February 2015: Mike Messier (left) with film producer David Gere.

M-Life and other theories

 – Beyond Vision, Remote Action and Reality Divergence –

by Mike Messier
12/2/14 from notes recorded on 11/28/2014. Updated 9/22/15

I’ve been working on a theory. Would you like to hear it?
Of course.
Our “past” equals who we’ve been. Our “present” equals who we are. Our “future” equals who we will be. Our “eternal” means who we will be for eternity. So where is the exponential? Where is the magic, the magnificence? Where is that “M-Life?” “M-Life” equals the combination of two or more of the these (past, present, future, eternal) at the same time. To live in the M-Life is to dig beneath the surface of the “societal norm of living” and live through and process time and space unique to oneself including “past life experiences.” M-Life is to go beneath the plateau of common reality into past life experience while simultaneously, at least at times, experiencing reality with and common to, other traditional humans.

– from the feature film screenplay Distance from Avalon, by Mike Messier

My first theory is what I am calling “M-Life”, named after the first letter of my first and last name and, more modestly, the word “Multitude”.

Definition of terms in context of this theory.

“Past” equals what we’ve done.
“Present” equals what we are doing.
“Future” equals what we will do.

“Eternal” equals what we will do for eternity.

“M-Life” equals the combination of two or more of the these (past, present, future, eternal) at the same time. To live in the M-Life is to dig beneath the surface of the “societal norm of living” and live through and process time and space unique to oneself including “past life experiences.” Call it a “non-linear” approach to living. M-Life is to go beneath the plateau of common reality into past life experience while simultaneously, at least at times, experiencing reality with and common to, other traditional humans.

M-Life theory states that there are individuals who walk among us that experience a time path uncommon to the “common time path” and with a gateway to the subconscious and other dimensions of living beyond what most “average” people engage and experience. A trained or untrained M-Life person may exist near you, or you may be one yourself.

An M-Life individual (untrained) , or Practitioner (trained) , is to experience life such as a shapeshifter of sorts, who is able to move beyond traditional time and space and to “bi-locate” which is commonly defined as being able to appear or be seen in two places at once.

M-Life is then to experience things, events, personifications of inanimate objects and interpretations of colors and hues beyond the scope of the average person or beast. M-Life may be experienced and/or achieved during either waking or sleeping hours, and for some, a combination of both.

The M-Life individual is not likely to know exactly what they are experiencing and to try and explain their unique phenomenon to others may induce fear of isolation, or worse, hospitalization, diagnosis or medication. In fact, for their “own good” many people are likely to experience injustice.

It is estimated that there are many M-Life individuals currently held against their will in institutions designed for their “safety” and/or insurance money, however, these institutions, being in the business of medication, as and personified by their employees, likely lack the education, compassion, intelligence and understanding to properly diagnose and help the M-Life individual. So, the catch all phrase of “mentally ill” is thrown on and at the M-Life individual, whether “earned” or not, and that person may be hospitalized.

M-Life training may even occur in such an institution, under the guise of common patient intercourse.

The enlightened and in-touch M-Life Practitioner, once fully trained, may actually be able to “physically escape” such concrete and brick establishments using the power of one’s mind, which is often and rightfully recognized as the world’s most powerful weapon and force. In other words, although very rare and highly unusual, it is possible for a human being to leave a state-run hospital through the power of mind energy, rather than a traditional dismissal, release or even death of the individual.

If you have ever felt that you are in the presence of someone who in not all together “there”, you may indeed be speaking with an M-Life Practitioner, who may in fact not be all together there, as they are, in fact, in more than one place! So you are interacting with a “shell” of the fully developed M-Life Practitioner (keep reading for more on “shells”.) You are, in a way, interacting with someone having an “out of body experience” although they do appear to be in a body. For the common person who has not experienced M-Life, could this be an indication that you are missing out on the whole of the human existence yourself? Indeed it would seem that you yourself are missing “something”, something that only these M-Life individuals and Practitioners are experiencing. However, for the M-Life individual, keeping oneself “polite” in everyday company may prove to be a challenge. Also, who is to inform the M-Life individual that he or she is an M-Life individual with the potential to be a M-Life Practitioner?

There does not seem to be a Sean Connery in Highlander type sage to the young M-Life individual. So this is the writer’s attempt at some type of consultation to the M-Life rookie or misunderstood veteran.

A natural problem then is the M-Life individual who does not realize they are as such, and confuse their own greatness for weakness. Like the mythical Jedi-Knight without training, an M-Life individual without knowledge of self and one’s own condition may be likely to feel lost, troubled, misunderstood, depressed or even suicidal.

To not be able to explain or even put a handle on one’s own unique experiences would be troubling for most, whether an M-Life individual or not. Certainly, isolation leads to sadness and discomfort. The truly gifted are often misunderstood and so forth.

The M-Life individual may experience controlled and uncontrolled deep subconscious feelings that are dealt with in a manner that includes visions and voices in and of a hybrid experience of reality and regression. Common people may call this “magical thinking” or “seeing things”. The young, naive or untrained M-Life individual may be confused or “buy into” these labels, not knowing how or when to fight against societal efforts to squash the gifted individual with resourcefulness, disguise, passive aggression and subterfuge.

The M-Life Practitioner and, to a lesser extent, M-Life individual, is often able to see and process beyond normal waking hours and experience beyond the scope of others. Therefore, sleeping and Dream State are often the tools for the M-Life Practitioner (again, trained) and the safe haven for the M-life individual (untrained).

Approaching successful M-Life status includes reaching different plateaus of existence based on reforming one’s self in the ideal vision of God and oneself; leaving behind the remainder, “the shell of oneself”, behind to others, who are most likely and usually unsuspecting of the M-Life practitioner’s evolution. The friends, family, and gatekeepers of the M-Life Practitioner thus continue to live their own lives with this shell, whose Practitioner has successfully split him or herself into another dimension and/or form of reality, a “fourth” or even “fifth” dimension if you will. This shell then takes on a life of its own as “a new person” and although in a facsimile body of the original person and with the same memories, (with perhaps some necessary and mild adjustments) the new person is just that, new.

If self-conscious and aware of the aforementioned split, the M-Life Practitioner may choose a dramatic step such as changing one’s name or perhaps just a shaving of a mustache or coloring of one’s hair. Or no outward change may be made at all to mark such an occasion.

The “shell/new person” may find themselves speaking with “their former self” as one would “talk to themselves as in to “talk to my future self”, “talk to my younger self” etc. What the person may be doing is in fact, talking to the original self, or the self now divided from the original, if more than one M-Life splits have occurred.

Again, this theory is called M-Life, into the split of oneself, the division of one human into two, not to be confused with division of Siamese twins or other birth defects or traditional romance into reproduction. Creating a division of self; effectively splitting one life and one person into two similar yet entirely different and free (of each other) individuals. Will these people ever meet? Not until the end of the World. Which is, in a moment for some, and a never-world for others, the beginning of a New World.

Is experiencing M-Life a gift, curse, condition, disease, illness, blessing or achievement? You decide.

Other terms of note from this session:

Beyond Vision – The Ability to see or hear things, movements that don’t exist to the common person.
Beyond Vision is sounds, sights and movements that an enlightened person has that are glimpses of reality for future generations and/or one’s own eternal future.

Remote Action – The Ability to appear and disappear at will in the life of and living experience of someone else regardless of invitation or life and death classification. Remote Action therefore explains the phenomenon of “ghosts and spirits”, as what is truly being experienced, by some at least, is the visitation of a “living or deceased” Practitioner of Remote Action. Heavenly spirits, guardian angels, witches, warlocks, faeries, trolls, ghouls and other such odd sightings can thus, at some times at least, be attributed to Remote Action.

Mike Messier Theory from 2009: Reality Divergence – when an individual or group believes in a force so strongly it becomes a parallel reality, even under seemingly impossible conditions.

These theories are my own and are not scientifically proven facts.

– Mike Messier


 Mike Messier is an experienced Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Actor, having worked with Meryl Streep & Elisabeth Shue (in Hope Springs) and Cybill Shepherd, Mario Van Peebles and Wesley Snipes (in Hard Luck).

Mike has lead the acclaimed C.O.R.E. A.C.T.I.N.G. and Tao Zen Acting workshops for six years and helped several students accomplish their goals and advance their careers. Mike is also an Award-Winning filmmaker, having won a regional Associated Press Award (as Associate Producer for a documentary about Haiti) among other accomplishments.  His recent work titled The Nature of the Flame is described as “thought-provoking, imaginative, and hypnotizing” by Video Views.
Mike is currently in development for the film Distance from Avalon, which Mike describes as a “Biblical-Vampire Epic”. Mike also seeks funding for the long term projects Chris and the Coffee Girl (comedy with Playboy Cover Girl Maria Kanellis and Pro Wrestler Raven attached) as well as Wrestling with Sanity (psychological drama with Pro Wrestler Raven among others). More of Mike’s work can be found at www.mikemessier.com and www.taozenacting.com
M Life Theorist Mike Messier

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