a New England reunion

Thanks to my friend, actress, and producer Kim Kayling for hosting a nice New England reunion just in time for my birthday (which seems to happen every year around this time) at Chelo’s Hometown Bar & Grille in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Thanks to my friends and colleagues from various aspects and eras of my life and career for coming out for the good times.

Enjoy the photos and hyperlinks to some of the attendees! – MIKE

photos by Kim Kayling, Steve Barao, and Bethany Nightingale.

actresses Kim Kayling and Marybeth Paul
with Actor Robert Canelli
actresses Ariana Pacheco, Kim Kayling, and Bethany Nightingale
with actress Kim Kayling
actor Robert Marsella
with actress Marybeth Paul
with photographer Steve Barao
with actress Marybeth Paul and actor Robert Marsella
with composer Tony Caramadre

with Actor Robert Marsella
Mike enjoys a New England reunion thanks to actress Kim Kayling
actor Mauro Canepa
and a good time was had by all

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