Michael’s McGlone’s Inspiring Acting Journey

Michael McGlone (“The Geico Man“, one of The Brothers McMullen, The Bone Collector) returns to Mike Messier YouTube Channel for an even more inspiring and deeper conversation about his Acting career & overcoming obstacles leading to his passion project Kenny the Gun.

Thanks to Michael and his website https://www.michaelmcglone.com/

For our first interview with Michael McGlone from a few months earlier, click here: Michael McGlone – “One of The Brothers McMullen” and “The Geico Man” (from Geico’s Rhetorical Questions Campaign) discusses Kenny The Gun, Acting, Boxing & Passion for Life with Mike Messier

For more great Celebrity interviews, Mike’s Original Short Films, The early Suicidegirls Burlesque, Messier Mantra, Messier Peace Theater and much more, subscribe to Mike Messier YouTube Channel here:


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