Michael McGlone – “One of The Brothers McMullen” and “The Geico Man” (from Geico’s Rhetorical Questions Campaign) discusses Kenny The Gun, Acting, Boxing & Passion for Life with Mike Messier

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Michael McGlone, of https://www.michaelmcglone.com/, who just about EVERYBODY has seen as the “Geico Man” in the Award Winning Geico “Rhetorical Questions” Ad Campaign and who MANY know from the popular independent feature film The Brothers McMullen, part of the 1990s indie film renaissance, and its follow up She’s The One, co-starring Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Anniston, opposite Michael and Writer/ Director Edward Burns with a soundtrack by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. Michael’s new project is one that he’s at the helm with himself, titled Kenny The Gun. Check out my interview with Michael, followed by several links to Michael’s work as producer, Actor, rock singer, boxing aficionado and stand up comedian! Thanks to Michael himself and the ZOOM platform for making this interview possible. Please note we have a few moments of audio echo that clears up shortly into the interview!

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