is only 99 cents for your first month with promo code MIKE !


Playwrights, experienced or new, I have been using  , an easy to use, online database of Play festivals seeking submissions, grant and artist residence opportunities, blogs and videos and now I am pleased to announce the PROMO CODE: MIKE (ALL CAPS) gives you a whopping $6 off your first month subscription fee, reducing the cost to only 99 cents for your first month! After your initial month, if you stick with Play Submissions Helper aka PSH, the subscription fee goes back up to the regular $6.99 a month…  I think you’ll find that PSH is a great website! I’m also listening to the helpful audio podcast “The Play’s the Thing… with Andrew Black” which is really helping my playwriting skills!

I’ve had results with PSH, myself, so I can tell you it works. I submitted my short play “Who’s Your Daddy?” through PSH to The Orange Players Acting Up! Short Play Festival out of Orange, CT (about 45 minutes outside of New York City) and my script was selected, and eventually performed in front of about 200 audience members on back to back capacity crowd live nights! Seeing a script that I wrote performed in front of a new audience, two hours from my home base, was certainly a thrill, and I’ve kept in touch with the good people at The Orange Players, even attending their Holiday party in December!

Click here to give PSH a shot! Again, at checkout use Promo Code: MIKE  (all caps) for $6 off the $6.99 first month and find out for yourself!


For those interested, here is Who’s Your Daddy? , the play I wrote, and submitted through PHS, as produced and performed by The Orange Players

Who’s Your Daddy?


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