Wrestling with Sanity

Mike Messier’s Award-Winning Wrestling with Sanity Short Film Trilogy is now online for your viewing pleasure. Mike aims to make a feature film of the project to star Pro Wrestler Raven, an accomplished ECW and Hardcore Wrestling Legend. The feature film script is about a young boy who splits his own soul so a fallen angel can escape God’s wrath. The escapism of Professional Wrestling and the purgatory state of a psychiatric hospital are backdrops for the conflict between Wrestling and Sanity – what is real, what is fake, and what is… something else.



More information about Wrestling With Sanity and the long term goals of the project can be obtained by writing mikemessiermoviemaker@gmail.com

Thith Stand Still Picture’s Tim Labonte – Co-Producer, DP and Editor. .

Mike explains more Wrestling With Sanity on this video.








In addition, we are now releasing for the first time, Wrestling With Sanity – The Graphic Novel.

Writer – Mike Messier

Artist – Marc Macrina



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