Airbnb adventure to New York/New Jersey!

Mike recently used the Airbnb service for the first time in back to back stays in Princeton, New Jersey, and Mellville, New York for his respective appearances at the Nassau Film Festival and The Evan Ginzburg Show.

“I’ve heard about Airbnb for years but never used it until now. I just got sick of paying upwards of $100 a night for a hotel I was only going to be in for a few hours. So, this trip to NJ and NY was a perfect opportunity to try Airbnb, which is like a more casual, less expensive ‘bed and breakfast’.  I came across really great deals and paid $40 a night. Room rates vary, of course, depending on where you stay. The website and App are super easy to use, my hosts were quite nice and everything worked out very easily. I even made a mistake myself and had to contact Airbnb customer service and they were super friendly and efficient. I’d definitely recommend Airbnb to anyone looking for affordable accommodations on the road!”

For those looking to give Airbnb a shot, Mike is happy to share his referral link, which helps both YOU and Mike.

Mike’s Airbnb referral link

You’ll get $40 in travel credit when they sign up, and Mike will get $20 in travel credit once you complete a trip. Only for new Airbnb guests!

Here are some exclusive photos from Mike’s trip to New York and New Jersey (or is it New Jersey and New York?)

Mike after a fresh shower from his Airbnb hosts in Princeton, New Jersey
Mike and Lew Goldstein , Director of The Nassau Film Festival
20180519_160436 (1)
After accepting a film award, Mike tours the Princeton Campus
Mike Messier on The Evan Ginzburg Show, Huntington, NY

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