Mike Messier wins Best Actor Award from Toronto’s Couch Film Festival

Mike Messier’s Seduction of Distance short film has won the Best Actor Award from Toronto, Canada’s Couch Film Festival in the 1-5 minute film category.

Seduction of Distance is a monologue derived from Mike’s A DISTANCE FROM AVALON when the dying and the dead reunite novel, screenplay, and stageplay. The recently remastered novel version can be purchased here in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle. Those with Kindle Unlimited can read it for free!

Thanks to Seduction of Distance composer Tony Caramadre of Phattones Studios and editor Anthony Sorrentino and special thanks to Kim Kayling https://www.kimkayling.com/ for her acting coach services in the process of making Seduction of Distance.

2 thoughts on “Mike Messier wins Best Actor Award from Toronto’s Couch Film Festival

  1. Congratulations. Nice work. I like the way you sped up and then slowed down in certain areas or elongated a word here and there. Love that it was all a close up and the background made it interesting. Fun accent. Really enjoyed this piece and the message. Good job!


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