Mike’s road trip adventure videos for a role in the feature film The Mick & The Trick

Federico Castelluccio and Mike Messier on The Mick and The Trick set
Actor Mike Messier & Director Tom DeNucci, The Mick and The Trick Pennsylvania, October, 2020.

Mike Messier had an Acting adventure recently as he drove from Florida to Pennsylvania and back for his role as thug “Delanty” in the Tommy DeNucci Directed feature film The Mick and The Trick starring Peter Greene (The Mask, Pulp Fiction). The film is written by Robert J Morgalo and Ozz Gomez of Pennsylvania who both also produced the film along with Karlina Lyons of New Hampshire. Mike has scenes with Peter, Federico Castelluccio (known as “Furio” on The Sopranos) , Jazz Vilá, Nick Principe, Fred Sullivan, & more great members of the cast. Here is the film’s IMDB page link: https://pro.imdb.com/title/tt10228618/details

For further viewing enjoyment, check out Mike’s previous interactions with Director Tommy and cast-mates Nick and Fred, as well as Casting Associate David Gere at the bottom of this page.

Mike’s videos include his podcast with veteran film, theater & TV Actor/Writer/Director Barry Primus, taped mid-way through the road trip. Here are Mike’s road trip videos in chronological order. Highlights include Mike’s thoughts just before and after his “big scene” , a visit to a Zen Tower, and a stop by The Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia.

More about the film The Mick and the Trick can be found in this article!


As promised above, for further viewing here are Mike’s interviews with The Mick and The Trick’s Director Tommy DeNucci , cast-mates Nick Principe and Fred Sullivan and Casting Associate David Gere.

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