Mike’s 400th YouTube Subscriber “Stuntman” Sydd Thompson advocates for Change the Face of Depression organization

I recently noticed on my YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSx8RE_a4Nh_Fq-BpUq7ghw?sub_confirmation=1 that I was up to 399 subscribers (thanks to subscribers 1 -399!) To celebrate, I decided that whomever my next – and 400th – subscriber would be – I would honor that person with a special video on my YouTube Channel. (I will do the same for subscriber #450 so use that hyperlink earlier in this paragraph to subscribe yourself!)

The 400th subscriber turned out to be “Stuntman” Sydd Thompson, a gentleman I’ve met in passing at Jax Film Bar Mondays, but have never had a lengthy one-on-one conversation with. When I asked Sydd how I could promote him or his business (Sydd is an Stuntman as well as Actor himself), he graciously told me the best thing I could do for him was to mention the group that he is currently working with; Change The Face of Depression out of Jacksonville, Florida.

I am honored to uphold Sydd’s gracious request and share some info about the organization and their own videos right here. I urge you all to click directly onto their website Change the Face of Depression


Change the Face of Depression

OUR VISION:  To incorporate basic necessities for essential self-care and to remind us as individuals that seemingly insignificant details are the foundation of who we are.

​OUR MISSION:  To alter the general perspective of mental illness such as depression and anxiety by helping to raise self-esteem through implementing numerous methods, routines and resources such as:

  • Daily Routines
    • Self Care
  • Hygiene Encouragement
    • Accountability
  • Health and Fitness Advice
    • Physical Activities
  • Dieting and Meal Plans
    • Recreational Activities
  • Organization and Minimalism
    • Creative Outlets
  • Makeovers
    • Photo shoots

​ in efforts to improve and promote structure in living Your best life

Sydd Thompson

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