Filmmaker Raeshelle Cooke discusses her timely works in 2020

Raeshelle Cooke – Director – photo by Eileen Slavin

Filmmaker Raeshelle Cooke has been making movies for about seven years and has won four Awards so far including the prestigious 2019 Woman in Film Award from The Shawna Shea Film Festival.

Raeshelle and I were in a screenwriting group together and also worked together in various projects; she was also a frequent guest on my Messier Mantra TV Show.

Through SKYPE technology, I recently caught up with Raeshelle about her new works. Here is the video of our interview and underneath is the preview of Raeshelle’s new film “WOKE” and her “53%” episode of the web-series ONE LAW. Raeshelle Cooke is definitely a filmmaker on the rise!

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