Chris Young takes on heavy topics on Messier Mantra

Rhode Island Congressional Candidate Chris Young has been a thorn in the side to the political status quo in Rhode Island for years; raising topics , issues and concerns that others would like to keep behind closed doors.

Chris recently guest spotted on Messier Mantra to discuss emotionally and politically loaded topics such as abortion and political corruption. No matter where you stand on these issues, Chris’s views are worth consideration.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a highly unique episode of Messier Mantra in that most shows are of guests promoting their own entertainment work rather than political or societal issues of such high importance. So , in the interest of fairness and equal time, Mike Messier has put out an invitation to anyone who disagrees with Chris Young’s statements or viewpoints to share their own perspective on a future episode of Messier Mantra. Use the Contact link on this website; serious inquires only, please.

Below is Chris Young’s episode of Messier Mantra and underneath is the documentary that Chris references in the show.


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