Mike Messier’s “It’s Good to be Hated” wins Best Documentary at Super 9 Mobile Film Festival



Some good news for Mike Messier ‘s intense and prolific rant about the upside of “being hated” from our friends at Super 9 Mobile Film Fest , a film festival based out of Portugal:

Dear Mike Messier,

Congratulations! It´s Good to be Hated is the winner of the best
Documentary mobile film of the 5th edition of the Super 9 Mobile Film
Festival. We want to thank you for sending the film to the festival, it was an
honor to have your movie in Super 9 Mobile Film Festival.

We will soon announce the winners at our site super9mobile.com and on
April 17th we will have the session with the Award–winning films.

I wonder if you can make a small mobile video with a testimonial we show
at the festival, before the movie.

Thank you very much and once again, congratulations! Soon we will have
news on the new edition of the festival Super 9 Mobile Film Fest.

All The Best,

Super 9 Mobile film Fest Team


best documentary

Mike says, “Thank you very much; this rant was shot in one take in a secluded parking lot in New England, USA. Just one guy and a camera phone, giving an opinion that seems counter-intuitive but is really just common sense ; sometimes people need to live for something beyond ‘likes’ and online validations, some people who are ostracized by their peers are actually the most willing to force the rest of us outside our comfort zone and prove to be the true heroes in our society, and sometimes, quite frankly,  it’s good to be hated. Being hated means you made people think, and thinking for oneself, is unfortunately, an ordeal an increasing amount of people are afraid to do. So, for those that Never Surrender and are bold enough to think – and speak – and act for themselves, I say,  keep on being hated; they’ll thank us all later.”

This award is Mike’s 26th Award in Film & Television, as a writer, Director, Producer and orator. So, if you’re up for a little good natured “hate”, click below and be sure and share the link around your social media universes.


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