Danny MAlin continues great work with Yes! Let’s Make a Movie Film Festival

While at Princeton Film Festival in May, I was happy to see the name of Danny MAlin as one of the filmmakers listed for his work I Promise. I know of Danny through filmfreeway , having entered the festival he runs Canada’s YES! Let’s Make A Movie Film Festival

Here is Danny’s IMDG PAGE Danny MAlin on IMDB

Filmmaker Danny MAlin

YES! seems like a great festival, which took place most recently on Sunday, June 5th at Mad Hatters Club in Montreal.

The Preview of Disregard the Vampire – A Mike Messier Documentary   was lucky enough to win Best Trailer. This is the third award for promotional material for the doc, following Best Photo and Best Poster from MedFF. The doc’s co-editor Eileen Slavin added the YES! Award Laurels to the Award Winning Doc Preview.

Danny MAlin himself is making great work, including Perceptions, a relationship based short film, about the “inner voice”, which is currently being sent to festivals. Here is Danny’s preview of Perceptions.

Here is a Behind the Scenes segment on Perceptions:

Perceptions won YES!’s, short film script contest, in which my short script Good Friends was an Honorable Mention and my other scripts This Cold, Still Place (A Civil War Fantasy Romance) and Old Chap (an Office Job Revenge Dark Comedy) were finalists. Here’s the full  YES! Awards List.

For those looking for a great festival to enter, here’s YES! Film Freeway Entry Page.

Great luck to Danny MAlin as he continues his own work and motivates and offer opportunities for his fellow independent filmmakers! – MIKE

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