Fight or Play Basketball script reaches CineStory Foundation Quarterfinals

Mike’s script Fight or Play Basketball – a family-friendly script about a kid who has a tough decision to make and the adults who influence his path, has just reached the quarterfinal round of CineStory Foundation’s script contest for original drama TV/Digital category.

This achievement is good news for this script and Mike’s work in general.

“To be recognized by the fine professionals at CineStory is a great honor”, says Mike. “Fight or Play Basketball is a story about choices, passion and the love of family – and strangers that grow to become family. Adversity for a single mom and the maturity of her son are themes that will resonate. The backdrops of and contrasts between the boxing and basketball worlds magnify the choices of the young man and also the two men who serve as makeshift father figures. There is a strong lead female character for an actress in her forties and a multi-cultural character base. There are roles for actors of ages from teens to seniors. Let’s get this script to people that can generate production at the highest possible level. Any serious inquires are welcome to contact me at”.

CineStory Foundation   has script competitions in a variety of categories.  Cinestory is based out of Los Angeles with a retreat center out of Idyllwild, California. Check out their video:



2 thoughts on “Fight or Play Basketball script reaches CineStory Foundation Quarterfinals

  1. i am a challenged published author, reflections of gratitude, and have a screenplay, two lives to live. i was curious as to whether or not you would like to see our work. the screenplay concerns how i got this way, auto accident, brain surgeries, coma, awakening in a changed body and mind. this work has a few poems within to help the viewer understand the struggles i overcame in my quest to become the man i am.

    i know this is an unusual way to approach you but i am a most unique man.
    thank you for your time,

    david seymon


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