The Eternal Soul

I had a dream last night I was The Eternal Soul. A dream really, as I awoke.

I translated, transported back in Time, the time before, the time after? It was a Soviet time, in as much to say the air was crisp, cold but… the buildings were beautiful. Beautiful, well crafted building, monuments, with metal flags and symbols on top of them.

These were Soviet, or something quite like it, slogans, abbreviations and designs. Designs to enforce. Cause fear. Obedience.

And we followed the signs.

Being the Eternal soul, in a younger boy’s dream – and outfit – I rebelled against this Army. I fought them – tooth and nail – first breaking apart from the hand who held me – a parent’s hand.

Then I fought the enemy – Soldier’s themselves – but in plain clothes, for the most part, and all very Tall. Very Tall to my small boy size.

I took them down, swinging a club a weapon, aiming for the throat, but they never quite died.

It took several of Them to gang up on me and their punishment was swift, also beating on me, with their own clubs as weapons, clubs somewhat like Lacrosse stick but harder, much stronger wood. Thick wood.

They beat me and I died I suppose but never did I feel the pain. The Eternal Soul Marches on.

In this dress, this body, I arose, still in my bed, unhurt, undone, undamaged and still… The Eternal Soul.

Off for another adventure, perhaps to go to the Water, perhaps to go to the Fountain. The Beach? Just a view.

I am part of… The Eternal Soul.

You Soul gets older, as your Life gets shorter.

– Mike Messier

June 4

Mike Messier


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