Anders Manor

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​​Mike Messier with Sully Erna (singer of Godsmack) and Pro Wrestler Mike Bennett aka Mike Kanellis as The Bayton Boys.

Mike Messier serves as lead screenwriter and co-star in Anders Manor, a collaboration of Woodhaven Media’s Tommy DeNucci and the 2 Cousins Productions team of Glenn Jeffrey and Matt O’ Connor. Available on major VOD outlets May 18, 2018.

To see Mike’s scenes with Christina Robinson, Kevin Nash, Chelsea Vale and Don Martone in Anders Manor, watch Mike’s 2017 Acting reel, edited by Woodhaven Media


Imagine Magazine article courtesy of Carol Patton
Eden Manor “as” Anders Manor
Mike as Ole Bayton with Kevin Nash as Reverend Thomas
Rachel True (The Craft) as Dr. Tryvniak
Anders Manor star Christina Robinson  (Dexter) with screenwriter/co-star Mike Messier