Tao Zen Acting

tzlogocroppedTao Zen Acting – The Art of Zen and Creating The Inner Greatness.

Tao Zen Acting is the respected craft integrated with a study of philosophy and goal-setting. Participants will work together while being challenged at their own, individual rate of progress. All levels are therefore encouraged. Workshop leader Mike Messier has won eight awards in film and television, in addition to roles in feature and independent films. Learn more about Mike’s work and progress.

We will combine our hearts, minds, spirits and souls, revolution and lack of fear, abandonment of bad choices – whatever they might be – today is the dawning of a new day – for Acting!


All must enter with Open Mind and Spirit. We are all Broken, We Rebuild, not destroy. Challenges are made to be conquered. Fear is not the enemy. Resistance is. For Fear is merely awareness of change and being alive. Resistance is opposition, conflict, grinding wheels, burning sparks. For Resistance it seems is actual work! And, so, Resistance is not the enemy either! There is no enemy.

Little Philosophies

1) Children are afraid. Remember: I am no longer a child. I must not be afraid.

2) Humor! Eventually, stop asking questions and start spewing out answers as if you know what you’re talking about. Everyone else is so confused and/or afraid to speak up, no one will know the difference.

3) Were I to be different, would you still like Me? I must change. Will you too?

4) To meet our results, we must apply a practical application of process.

5) Creativity limited by finances is generated by imagination.

6) The Way we see the world is the way we see ourselves.