Short Film Showcase


Mike Messier hosts and is a co-producer of Short Film Showcase, created and co-produced by Bryan Casey of BC Films. [2-3 sentences describing show.] Thanks to the generous support from Jeff Fountain and Cody Peixoto at TV 9 Seekonk.

Christine Hunt and Christian De Rezendez

Erica Derrickson and Tom Paolino

Ali Robins and John Joseph Lindsey

Alex Pires and Richard Meehan

Adam Carbone and Christopher Ferreira

Marie Blaise and Anna Rizzo

Chaunty Spillane and Wendy Hartman

Nat Silva and Tony Demings

Rick Dumont and Jan Waldman

Jose Gonsalves and Ken Holmes

Lyv Bien Aime and Al Signore

Talli Clemons and Christopher Di Nunzio