Disregard The Vampire: A Mike Messier Documentary


Disregard the Vampire: A Documentary is about the attempt at making a narrative, indie film. The narrative began as a character study of a vampire, his protégé, and their two latest victims – and their own introspection. Throw the four together in an old mansion awaiting a dinner party provided by the mysterious host, and sensual – haunting – activities ensue. Recording artist and poet Scorpio plays Cryptor – a tortured, troubled vampire with a creative past in this retro-inspired, dark film. Filmed primarily in the historic Courthouse Center for the Arts of West Kingston, Rhode Island, we constructed elaborate sets with rich textures, and created a dark piece.

This live-action narrative has since taken on a new outlook as a documentary; nightly re-writes, change of sets and crew each day, led to a film that wouldn’t fit together as initially intended. The documentary grew out of the idea to use the great footage and share the work of the cast and crew, but to tell a new story – the story of making an independent film. The documentary will feature interviews with intercut footage from the original film, and is set to be completed by 2017.

Official Cast Photography by Chris Hunter of Collective Thought Media
Professional Editing by Geena Matuson
Hair and Make-up by Katelyn Ciampa Artistry

Watch the official trailer, below…


Writer & Director:
Assistant Director
Director of Photography:
First Assistant Camera:
Production Assistants:
Script Supervisor:
Kaitlyn Ciampa Artistry
Set Photography:
Mary DeBerry, Michael Kerr
Sound Design:

Scorpio as Edgar/Cryptorr
Jose Gonsalves as Joe
Anna Rizzo as Ginger
Geena Matuson as Valentine