Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!

Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace! is a psychological drama starring Jami Tennille (Blood!), Stacey Forbes-Iwanicki (Sugar!), Lawrence O’ Leary (Sid!) and Adam Buxbaum (Ace!). Written and directed by Mike Messier, shot and edited by Tim Labonte.

Sid! is a man at the twilight of his life, looking back at mistakes with his romantic relationships and his career as a writer. In short, Sid! has failed to live up to his potential and is striving to make sense of it all with one last shot of creative integrity.

This is an art house film honoring the intelligence of its audience. This movie is not for everyone, but for those that seeks stimulation, we welcome you to our world. We feel strongly that this film with reach an audience that seeks high dramatic content.

Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!

Stacey Forbes-Iwanicki as Sugar!

Adam Buxbaum as Ace!
Lawrence O’ Leary as Sid!

Jami Tennille as Blood

Official Production Photographs by Stephanie Maiden Carey

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Official Trailer

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