Lost and Found

“In life, we have the free will to pursue our goals and to achieve as much as we can in the time that we have. Many of my beginning students are lost – off track.  In C.O.R.E., we learn that we must not let anyone, even ourselves, stop us from our inner need to express ourselves creatively and achieve our full greatness. As children, we are wild and open-eyed, eager to learn and challenge. Along the way, many of us get slaughtered by mediocrity, inherited from the culture which we find ourselves in. Many of us learn, are trained, even, to go along – to get along – and to squash our inner selves; who we really are and want to be. We have to get beyond those painful experiences and learn that we have so much to offer ourselves, and the world. How many great actors and great performances have been lost due to a lack of encouragement? Well, we’ll never know. C.O.R.E. is for those that don’t want to be lost. “