Acting Resume

Mike’s love of acting started humbly in elementary school, and he had continued this passion by writing plays throughout his primary and secondary schooling. Thereafter, he began to work with students from Harvard, Brown and Rhode Island School of Design in various lead and supporting roles. In 2010, Mike was nominated Actor In Residence at Maine Media Workshops, providing his talents and gaining valuable experience with experienced instructors such as cinematographer Steve Fierberg (Entourage), director Alan Meyerson (Laverne & Shirley), and actor/director Barry Primus through his class Acting Techniques for Directors. Mike went on to study acting at Perishable Theatre, Community College of Rhode Island, and with LDI Casting’s Anne Mulhall and Sandra Feinstein, Gamm Theatre’s Wendy Overly, and scene study instructors Fred Sullivan and Kate Lester. He cites Robert De Niro, Nicole Kidman, Denzel Washington and Vince Vaughn as inspirations, and earned the nickname “Magic Mike” for his willing talents.

Early on, Cybill Shepherd saw talent in Mike Messier while working a background role, and hand-selected him to play her son in the USA Network film Hard Luck. Mike (as “Eugene”) has scenes with Cybill, Wesley Snipes and the film’s director Mario Van Peebles in the gangster redemption action film. You can see a clip of Hard Luck, featuring Mike Messier. In 2011, Mike had an unexpected opportunity to share a “short comedic bit” in  Hope Springs, a Meryl Streep-Tommy Lee Jones-Steve Carrel film. In the bit, Mike is the pratfall for humiliation by Elisabeth Shue (Adventures in Babysitting) as Meryl giggles in delight. Additionally, Mike shares a scene with Frances McDormand and Richard Jenkins in the HBO Award Winning Mini-Series Olive Kitteridge. Recently, Mike plays the lead in Michael J. Zammito’s The Mortified, a dark character study about a haunted mortician who finds life and death balancing in his own hands…

Hard Luck** Eugene (starring)**scenes with Cybill Shepherd, Mario Van Peebles and Wesley Snipes
Hope Springs** “Mike”** comedic pratfall opposite Elisabeth Shue and Meryl Streep/Sony Pictures
The Mortified** James the Mortician (lead)** Zammito/ SENE Festival selection
Paying Your Debts** Horace (supporting)** Bryan Casey / BC Fims
The Power of Cinema** interview subject** Chris Esper/ New England Tech

Mike Messier Show** Host/Producer** PEG Award – Best Series
A Woman’s Outlook** interview subject** Deborah Hoch
Rebecca Flores Show** interview subject** Rebecca Flores


Baby’s Changing** Fate** Cyrus Leddy
Video Store Madman** Howard Bender** Lenny Schwartz
Deadly Christmas Carol** Tiny Tim** John Thayer

Acting for Directors** Barry Primus
Camera&Visual Storytelling** Steve Fierberg
C.O.R.E. A.C.T.I.N.G.** Workshop Leader

Pro Wrestling
ECW** reporter – The Foreign Object
Primal Conflict** ring announcer
Top Rope Promotions** color commentator

Screenwriter/Director/Producer of independent movies
Stand up comedy, spoken word poetry, performance art and motivational speaking experience


Watch some examples of Mike’s acting work in Sleeping on the Job (Dylan Calder, 2010),  Bloody Mary (Jacek Laskus, 2010), The Mortified (Michael Zammito, 2012), Wakeless (Dana Goodman, 2012), along with some outtakes of Wakeless on YouTube. Also check out a scene of Hard Luck (Mario Van Peebles, 2006) featuring Mike as character ‘Eugene,’ as well.