Mike Messier



Mike Messier has won 11 awards in film and TV.  As an Actor, Messier has shared scenes with Meryl Streep, Elisabeth Shue, Wesley Snipes,  Mario Van Peebles, Richard Jenkins, Tom Sizemore and Frances McDormand.

Mike recently worked as the lead writer on the horror film Anders Manor, produced by Tommy DeNucci. Mike himself plays Ole Bayton, a rough-neck hunter. Mike has high stakes scenes with the eclectic Anders ensemble which includes Christina Robinson (‘Astor’ from Dexter), Sully Erna (rock singer of Godsmack) and Pro Wrestlers Kevin Nash aka Diesel (from Magic Mike) and “The Miracle” Bennett.  

Mike has previously worked in other projects with the colorful “Extreme” wrestlers Raven, Balls Mahoney, The Sandman, “Eliminator” Kronus and his personal wrestling mentor Ox Baker. Mike has been a ring announcer, commentator, manager and even wrestler a few times himself.

Mike’s stage-work includes Daydream Theater and Murder on Us, a comedy ensemble, and forays into stand up comedy and performance art. Mike wrote and directed the stage play Orlandis and his Puppets without Strings and the feature length film Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace! which has a distinct theatrical feel. 

Mike’s TV show Messier Mantra features interviews with holistic healers and entertainers. Mantra can currently be seen throughout New England and on Vimeo, with a Roku release soon to follow.  Messier Moments are on-location interviews that feature Maria Kanellis (WWE Diva)  boxer Vinny Paz (subject matter of Martin Scorsese’s Bleed for This), acclaimed stage and film Actor Jonathon Silverman among others. 

Mike has created and developed both C.O.R.E. A.C.T.I.N.G. – an intense scene study class, and Tao Zen Acting, an integrated approach to acting and life/work skills.  His work as Writer/Director/Producer includes award winning short films such as Thanksgiving, The Actor,  and The Nature of the Flame and a Screenwriting Award for Fight or Play BasketballMike Messier Show won two awards for PEG television. The documentary Haiti: Triumph Sorrow, and The Struggle of a People won him a regional Associated Press Award and a regional Emmy nomination as a copy writer and an Associate Producer.

Mike’s hands-on-experiences are complimented by education with Barry Primus, Tom Kane, Steve Fierberg and Anne Mulhall. Mr. Primus starred in Scorsese’s Boxcar Bertha, was a friend of Uta Hagen and works often with Robert DeNiro. Barry’s classes lead directly to Mike’s own teachings. Mr. Kane was a producer on Kramer. vs. Kramer and several Louis L’Amour Westerns. Mike once course-managed Kane’s four day film production class. Mr. Fierberg is the Cinematographer on Secretary, Love & Other Drugs, and Entourage who taught Mike much about Acting for the camera. Ms. Mulhall is a casting director who lead to Mike’s principle role in Hard Luck, playing the tragic son of a serial killer played by Cybill Shepherd (of The Last Picture Show, The L Word).

Disregard the Vampire – a Mike Messier Documentary,  has been praised as “Brilliant work… a mandatory experience” by A Word of Dreams. One Film Fan calls ‘Disregard’ a testament to all those aspiring artists who strive day in and day out to utilize whatever they have to work with and turn it into the best possible outcome they can in order to know that, ideally, hard work, dedication, belief, tenacity, and skill in their chosen art will yield the success they’re aiming for.”

Towards that belief, Mike’s next journey into the depths of the human condition is a stage-play titled Distance from Avalon, a dramatic Vampire fantasy about the time when the dying and the dead reunite.  

UPdATE: Mike currently seeks outlets for Messier Mantra,  the Disregard doc and the Avalon stage-play. For the long term, Mike looks to produce his original scripts Wrestling with Sanity and Chris and the Coffee Girl, write a book and further his own Acting. Any leads towards human, creative and financial resources are highly appreciated and welcomed.

You can contact Mike via email at mikemessiermoviemaker@gmail.com, or use the form on the contact page. You can also find Mike on IMDb.

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