Vince Russo’s interview with Mike Messier about Mike’s new project.

Mike Messier is sharing his most personal story yet in a new project titled “If Donald Trump can get elected President, I can get off my medications – A Mike Messier Conspiracy” . This project began filming on December 30, 2016 and it’s a first hand account of a man – and a world – going through change; for Mike, the changes are in spirit , body and emotion. For the world, changes in US political leadership that further calibrated the urgency in Mike’s own struggles.

Watch the interview here:

Join Mike as he chronicles the most extreme moments of his life –  even living through the deaths of several people close to him, his home suffering from unexpected damage beyond his control, and his car getting broke into. Mike went through all of this WHILE GETTING OFF A PRESCRIBED MEDICATION HE WAS TOLD HE COULD NEVER STOP TAKING…


The state of mental health for many people is not good. Medications for both mental – and physical , for that matter – can be helpful , even necessary. But not always.

Mike took the brave step to challenge himself to take on life on his own terms and deal with whatever consequences came his way.

If you thought you knew Mike Messier or have never even heard of him,  if you thought you knew the state of the medical industry or if you take for granted that “the doctor always knows best” , perhaps it’s time you checked out this one…

Deep into this project, Mike ended up himself as a guest on Vince Russo’s podcast “Bucket Full of Chicken Necks” on  Russo’s Brand

Vince Russo is the former head writer of the World Wrestling Federation during the WWF’s biggest era of growth , the late 1990’s , commonly known as “The Attitude Era”.   Vince has also worked as a behind the scenes and on camera personality for both WCW and TNA and is what one might call a “lighting rod”. Like Mike, Vince has struggled with depression but chooses to fight his battle these days without medical involvement. Vince has written several best selling books about Wrestling , his life in general, as well as his Christian beliefs.

How did this powerful interview come to be? Mike took issue with the WWE (Vince’s former employers of The McMahon family) doing shows in Saudi Arabia WITHOUT their much heralded and celebrated “Women’s Evolution” being involved. So on April 30, 2018, Mike called in to Vince’s show and expressed himself in what is commonly being called THE Promo.

Special thanks to RussosBrand   , Vince Russo, Jeff Lane, The Relm Network  and Twitch  

for their help in getting the word about about this exciting and important new series.

The 25 pilot of the piece is currently finished and is available upon request from Television producers, agents or managers or anyone who has the necessary resources or contacts to get this show to the greatest possible audience.





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